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Teejayx6 in the On Tour video
Scene from the "On Tour" video


Detroit ‘scam rap’ artist Teejayx6 drops new visuals for “On Tour”

Detroit, Michigan’s own Teejayx6, known for a newer subgrene of hip-hop dubbed “scam rap” has built a strong following over the past year as he let off various detail-filled accounts of blackmail, identity fraud, the dark web, and more.

By all accounts, the young artist has scammed everyone from his barber (as described on “Apple“) and even his own grandmother (as described on “Blackmail“).

“The 18-year-old rapper, who’s recently gone viral thanks to his brazenly specific scam-based songs about identity theft and credit card fraud, is holding court at a self-proclaimed ‘scammer convention’ inside of a Manhattan streetwear store.” – Pitchfork

This past December, Teejay dropped his 8-track project, Black Air Force Activity 1, which featured the hits “Dark Web” and “Work Out.” The video for “Dark Web” was released in July 2019 and has accumulated over 3.4 million views to date.

More recently, Teejay has released visuals for his new Undefined and Haze-single “On Tour,” which you can check out below. In just a few short days the video has been viewed over 210K times.

Detroit scam rap artist Teejayx6 drops new visuals for On Tour

You can follow @Teejayx6 on Instagram.

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