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HipHopCanada launches new web series The Narrative Of
Dreyuh Safo & Maricel Joy Dicion

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HipHopCanada’s ‘The Narrative Of…’ series launches Episode 1: The Narrative Of an Artist

The team at HipHopCanada is passionate about two things: the Canadian hip-hop and urban scene, and sharing compelling stories.

Earlier this year, we re-branded, updating our logo, our social media properties, and our website. But, as we explain in this post and the accompanying video, a brand is so much more than a logo or a slogan. Strong brands stand for something, a movement, a mission, if you will. And, strong brands have the ability to meaningfully connect with its audiences.

At HipHopCanada, a big part of our re-brand included re-framing our narrative by changing the kinds of stories we share, now enter our new series, The Narrative Of…

The Narrative Of… is a monthly series aimed at sharing compelling, thought-leadership pieces – the kind of stories that make you think, change and challenge perceptions, and provide valuable industry and culture-related information. Our goal is to further the culture in Canada by sparking relevant conversations.

In Episode One of HipHopCanada’s The Narrative Of…, Maricel Joy speaks with three branding professionals about the importance of cultivating a strong brand as an artist/group.

Taped at Sandbox Studios in Toronto, these experts weigh in on everything from where to start when it comes to defining a brand and how not to mess up brand reputation. The experts also weigh in on which Canadian artist they think is killing it in the branding game and why – they unanimously agreed on the same artist without any solicitation. So, you’ll want to take notes on what this Toronto-native and his team are doing right and doing well.

Big thanks to our sources for sharing their expertise:

Brenden Hewko, Founder & Director, SmashMouth Entertainment Inc. @SmashMouthEnt
Chieff Bosompra, Manager/Image Consultant (has worked with Jazz Cartier) @ChieffvsChieff
Dreyuh Safo, Creative Marketing Strategist (formerly with RapSeason) @DrDreyuh


Director/Videographer: CJShoots (@CJShoots)
Host: Maricel Joy Dicion, HipHopCanada (@iamMaricelJoy)
Studio: Sandbox Studios (

HipHopCanada launches new web series The Narrative Of

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