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THENWHEN: Toronto duo drop catchy “Love Me Later” single

Introducing THENWHEN. Consisting of Prince and Petar, THENWHEN’s sound revolves around a futuristic feel that mixes urban grunge with infectious dance beats. Their first single, “Love Me Later,” is and example of how they’re shaping the new Toronto sound. With the laid-back verses seamlessly complimenting the grandiose hook, it takes on a classic disco sound with a modern twist – and it sounds big with clean accompanying production.

The duo are set to release their EP, Move, which will showcase a diverse landscape of sounds, ranging from trap songs such as “Doesn’t Matter,” to pop anthems like “Love Me Later.” With the project anticipated to release in early 2018, you’ll want to keep them on your radar.

Stream “Love Me Later” below and stay tuned for more from THENWHEN.

Get to know Toronto duo THENWHEN & their infectious single Love Me Later

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