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Song of the Day: Theo3 drops the self-produced Take You Down

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Theo3 & Phat Tony release 2 Week EP in support of Toronto youth

Words from the homie Theo3: What’s up World. How’s everything? Good. Just wanted to send you an air daps and let you know that myself and Phat Tony (aka Big Tweeze) are utilizing your motivation, awareness, positive outlook and strong sense of hip-hop’s activist roots to get something rolling that will be a success because there’s good people involved. Props to for putting a spotlight on the 2 WEEK EP: Second Edition and special thanks to I.D. Artisan for providing the ill-ustrations on the cover. This is an initiative that’s solely here to support the community and elevate skills/opportunities for youth in Toronto. Here’s how it started.

In January 2011, Phat Tony and Theo3 released the initial 2 WEEK EP to raise funds for the final graduation dinner of the youth focused Beatz to Da Streetz program which provided free 3 month workshops for emerging artists in Toronto with extra resiliency in the face of some serious life circumstances. Singers, Producers and Emcees all took part in the program which focused equally on creating a family vibe and acquiring skills. The 2 WEEK EP was written, recorded, mixed and released in a 2 week time frame with a focus on creativity, consciousness, freedom of expression and dope music. The support was on point and a full graduation dinner for 20 youth, instructors and program friends provided a much needed boost to the participants. We reached our goals.

This year we want to step it up a bit. So we’ve decided to fund a FREE 8 week program for Toronto youth (18-29) run by 2 B2DS alumnus who have aspirations of starting their own community based initiatives. Our goal is to raise $1000 (which will pay for instructor fees, materials and location) and after that the EP will be put up for free online. The original 2 WEEK EP can be downloaded at

So there you have it, the $5 price tag for the completely original, spontaneous and professionally mixed (by Toronto legend Scam) 2 WEEK EP: Second Edition will go directly towards a photography workshop run by Nolan White and a music marketing workshop run by DJ Cali in the summer of 2012.

Sometimes the Internet confuses me. I feel like I know a whole lot but haven’t been given the perspective or tools to adequately tackle issues around the World that are presented. Well here’s your chance to do something in your own backyard, hip-hop is all about growth, empowerment, creativity, skills, equality, knowledge sharing and community. Let’s make a difference. Right here. Right now. Word to Hagar. One Love.

Written by Theo3 for HipHopCanada

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