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Introducing Indianapolis rapper TheYungJB & the DREAM EP

Introducing Indianapolis rapper TheYungJB and the DREAM EP
TheYungJB (Photo:

23-year-old Indianapolis rapper TheYungJB, representing Like Wine Music, recently dropped off his new Chovi-assisted record for “Up To You.”

The song is being promoted along with a new 7-track EP, Dream, which was released on Jan. 10, 2019. “Up To You” is not featured on Dream, but you can actually find it on a different project JB originally dropped in 2018 called Mama Told Me. “Up To You” was definitely a standout song off the project so it’s no surprise it’s been being pushed now as a single.

Dream is limited to just one guest appearance in Kurtis Guap, who also appears on Mama Told Me with Chovi, Square Pass, Teerage, and Singro.

Introducing Indianapolis rapper TheYungJB and the DREAM EP

TheYungJB (Photo:

JB was born and raised in the town of Louis Trichardt, South Africa until he moved to Indianapolis, Indiana in 2008. He’s been active in the music scene since 2013, and is probably best know for his Square Pass-assisted single, “Ms. Jackson,” which appears on Mama Told Me.

In terms of Dream, JB wanted to make sure we heard “Grinding,” which is definitely a great sample of what to expect from the project as a whole:

“This song is about hustling . It’s about making dreams come true and also working hard towards accomplishing them.”

Check out the singles and both of TheYungJB’s projects below.

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