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Chicago artist Tink rips her performance at Mod Club in Toronto

Interview: Q&A

Chicago’s Tink talks Toronto show, tour life, her EP & more

Chicago phenom Tink ripped her first ever performance in the 6ix. The Midwest rapper-singer-songwriter graced the Mod Club Theatre stage this past Friday night during her tour stop in the city.

The energized Toronto audience erupted the moment Tink made her appearance on stage. Performing tracks from both her extensive catalogue and her new Pain & Pleasure project, Tink had the entire crowd singing along to every word of every song.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Tink after her impressive performance, to talk about her first ever Toronto performance, her music and what’s next for the Chicago artist.

Check out the Q&A below along with her new EP, Pain & Pleasure.

Chicago artist Tink rips her performance at Mod Club in Toronto

Q&A: Tink

HipHopCanada: Welcome to Canada first and foremost, my first question for is, how does it feel to finally rip down a stage here in the 6ix?

Tink: Yo it feels amazing, being in the states, its always love but when you’re able to stretch across the border, it really means a lot, you know? And Toronto was lit, it almost felt like being at home so that’s heavy to me.

HipHopCanada: In the Chi, I know there’s multiple sounds that come out of that city, who were your musical interests and who influenced you growing up?

Tink: I mean in the Chicago field, I would have to say some of the legendary old heads, the Twistas, R. Kelly, that was always playing in the house hold, we were always dancing and 2-stepping, you know? Da Brat and Kanye, Chicago has a lot of legends, there’s legendary shit in our blood, you know what I mean? Those were just a few, there’s many more, like Common. There’s a lot.

HipHopCanada: What was that feeling when you found out that Pain & Pleasure hit the Billboard charts right when you released it?

Tink: Man, you want to know something? When it hit the billboard charts, I honestly didn’t believe it because they kind of alert you the week before, leading into the week that it’ll be on, they’ll tell you that it’s possible, so I was kind of like “No Way” but yeah the fans are crazy, the love is always stupid and when I drop music, the fans they grab it and they always appreciate it you know? I was grateful, that was the first time I was able to release a full project for sale, I was proud, happy and relieved that the fans were fucking with it.

HipHopCanada: With you being on tour, what is the craziest experience that you’ve had?

Tink: Touring is fun, everyday on tour has been an adventure almost, but I will say, there was a show I had in Arizona and before we made it to the hotel, we got lost in a deserted area, we were driving for 3 hours to try to make it to our hotel, the roads were blocked off and it was pitch black, but yeah that was the craziest shit that happened, it was kind of spooky being in some unknown land but other than that, the shows have been crazy, the fans are always turning up and everything else has been fine.

HipHopCanada: My last question for you is, for your fans here in Canada specifically, what should they be looking forward to from you?

Tink: I want my fans to look forward to my MIA video, we dropped the EP a couple of months ago and MIA kind of has been going crazy, so I got the video dropping this month, I want everybody to check it out, it’s fresh, I’m taking it to the next level, it’s turnt up, it’s sexy, its fun and it’s definitely for the summer, it’s a summer jam, so look out for my next visual and more music. Follow my Instagram and Twitter and you will be updated. I’m going to have hella shit dropping as well as videos on the way.

Tink – Pain & Pleasure

The Pain & Pleasure EP is available on various digital platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. Stream it below.

Chicago artist Tink rips her performance at Mod Club in Toronto

Written by Remi Louis Harris for HipHopCanada

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