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Tongue Helmet releases the Psychotropic Ape album
Tongue Helmet (Photo: Instagram)

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Tongue Helmet releases the Psychotropic Ape album

Yesterday Tongue Helmet released their studio album debut, Psychotropic Ape, via Toronto-based record label and distributor, URBNET.

Tongue Helmet initially started as a collaboration between longtime friends, Timbuktu (Swamp Thing) and Danny Miles (July Talk), and was eventually rounded out by Coins / Peter Project and DJiRATE.

“A long-simmering creative dream for over a decade, this project combines the talents and experience of veteran musicians from seemingly distinct genres, bringing together surprisingly compatible sounds.”

Psychotropic Ape was co-produced by Timbuktu and Danny Miles, and is a collaborative work in its purest inspirational form. The featureless project is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and various other digital streaming outlets.

The project offers a unique and updated take on classic psychedelic hip-hop. Fans of Deltron 3030, Beastie Boys or Beck (Odelay era), will find themselves vibing to Tongue Helmet.

Tongue Helmet releases the Psychotropic Ape album

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