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HipHopCanada: Top 10 artists tagged on our 2020 social media poll


HipHopCanada: Top 10 artists tagged on our New Year’s social media poll

Last week we made a post on social media asking our followers to tag 3 artists/acts/people they’d like to see us cover in 2020.

Originally we were going to post the Top 5 artists mentioned, but after getting such a huge response we decided to bump it up to a Top 10. With close to 1500 comments, the post received 1453 tags, accounting for over 500 artists in total.

The top 10 mentioned in the comments: SS Benny, Brooklyn Honey, RAXX, Xentury, Destiny, Sckary5, Kidd Foster, Ro’Ché, K Price, and Capé.

Honourable mentions to Babe Ruth, ReyDavis, and 420 Klick.

You can find a recent release or appearance from each of the listed artists below.

Top 10 Mentioned Artists/Groups

01 – SS Benny (Winnipeg, MB)

Instagram: @SSBennyOfficial

02 – Brooklyn Honey (Toronto, ON)

Instagram: @BrooklynHoney23

03 – RAXX (Toronto, ON)

Instagram: @RAXXOfficialMusic

04 – Xentury (Toronto, ON)

Instagram: @XenturySam

05 – Destiny (Toronto, ON)

Instagram: @Destinymxo

06 – Sckary5 (Toronto, ON)

Instagram: @Sckary5

07 – Kidd Foster (Winnipeg, MB)

Instagram: @Kidd.Foster

08 – Ro’Ché (Toronto, ON)

Instagram: @RocheDatGuy

09 – K Price (Calgary, AB)

Instagram: @4KPrice

10 – Capé (Ottawa, ON)

Instagram: @CapeMusic3

Honourable Mentions

Babe Ruth (Gatineau, QC)

Instagram: @Babe_Ruth_Y

ReyDavis (Toronto, ON)

Instagram: @iamReyDavis

420 Klick (Oshawa, ON)

Instagram: @Official420Klick

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