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DJ Andre 905 updates us on the latest in UK hip-hop
DJ Andre 905 (Photo: Instagram)


Toronto’s DJ Andre 905 updates us on the latest in UK hip-hop

Mississauga’s own DJ Andre 905, a staple in the Toronto hip-hop scene and official DJ for the Toronto Raptors, recently released his Andre 905 Edits Vol. 12 UK Edition which features some of the latest in UK hip-hop.

“Last month I visited London for the first time since I was a child. I enjoyed the city and enjoyed the music. As a result, I wanted to share some of the popular songs out in the UK right now.”

Check out Andre 905’s picks below, along with the audio for each track.

DJ Andre 905 updates us on the latest in UK hip-hop

Advice by Cadet & Deno

Song has over 25 million views on YouTube since it dropped last August. The song was endorsed by English soccer star Dele Ali. R.I.P Cadet.

Baby by Giggs

Giggs became better known in North America after appearing on Drake’s More Life album. However, he has been popular in the UK for over a decade. “Baby” is one of the singles off his latest album. Giggs is one the leaders of the UK rap scene.

Know Better by Headie One (featuring RV)

One of the most popular Drill UK songs out now. Headie One is one of the popular artists leading the UK Drill movement.

Your Mrs by JAY1

Another song that is buzzing in the UK streets. This song by JAY1 has over 3 million views on YouTube in just under a month.

Can’t Stop Clocks by Mist

Mist is a Birmingham rapper who drops crazy music videos. He spends thousands of dollars on his visuals and has the music to back it up. This is his latest single.

Barking by Ramz

Shout out to my dude J Casella for this one. Song has over 58 million views on YouTube since Ramz premiered in September 2017. One of the popular songs with the ladies in the UK. Has that dope Afrobeats groove to it.

Gun Lean by Russ (Splash)

This song by Russ (Splash) was mega huge in the UK. It is one of the most popular drill UK songs ever. They have a dance for the song as well. The song caught the attention of the London police and it lead to the video being banned from YouTube. However, that has not stopped the song’s popularity and the various dance videos by fans on YouTube.

Keisha & Becky by RUSS (SPLASH) & Tion Wayne

Another big drill hit in the UK. Song has just over 4 million views on YouTube after dropping last month. Both Russ and Tion Wayne are figureheads in the UK drill scene.

Fashion Week by Steel Banglez ft. AJ Tracey & MoStack

Steel Banglez is one of the leading UK producers that has crafted hits for many UK artists. His formula has lead to artists rising to the UK Billboard charts. He has produced for every major UK urban artist. Fashion Week is his latest hit which is doing well on the UK – Currently #12 on the UK Billboard charts.

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