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Trap Lore Ross on 6IX9INE: The Comeback
Trap Lore Ross on "6IX9INE: The Comeback"


Trap Lore Ross on “6IX9INE: The Comeback”

Trap Lore Ross recently dropped a must-match, hour long video looking at 6ix9ine and his attempt to return to hip-hop stardom.

Unfortunately, this could be one of the last full hour videos we see from Ross, as this particular release was “the most frustrating experience he’s ever had on YouTube. As the amended YouTube description says:

“So this video has probably been the most frustrating experience I’ve ever had on Youtube. Someone copyright claimed it and took all the money from the debut. Then they released the claim after the views had flatlined and never gave back the money. Then 6ix9ine’s label claimed the video so I had to cut out 5 minutes of footage even though the whole thing is fair use AND MASSIELY PRO 6ix9ine. So apologies if there’s huge chunks missing. Youtube gave me no control over this and there’s a good week when 7 minutes of the ending were also gone because Youtubes trim system doesn’t work properly. Basically here’s 2 things you wont ever see from me again:

1. 6ix9ine video
2. Hour long video”

Check out the video below.

You can follow @TrapLoreRoss on Instagram.

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