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Trap Lore Ross on The Gang Who Stole $1,000,000+ in Polo Ralph Lauren
Trap Lore Ross on "The Gang Who Stole $1,000,000+ in Polo Ralph Lauren"


Trap Lore Ross on “The Gang Who Stole $1,000,000+ in Polo Ralph Lauren”

Trap Lore Ross never ceases to amaze with his investigative fortitude and ability to keep viewers engaged in topics they might not have even known they were interested in. This latest video is a good example.

You might not think you need to know about the crew from NYC that lifted more than a million dollars worth of Polo Ralph Lauren gear, but once you get the video going you probably won’t turn it off.

The Gang Who Stole $1,000,000+ in Polo Ralph Lauren

Members of the o-Life Crew

The video begins by focusing on two specific street gangs from the 1980’s that were famous for robbing high end fashion items from department stores and other retail outlets. The two gangs included Ralphie’s Kids from Crown Heights and Polo U.S.A. (United Shoplifters Association) from Brownsville. In 1988, they united as the Lo-Life Crew.

“Thirstin Howl the 3rd and his Lo-Life crew celebrated aspiration and wealth paying homage to the affluent lifestyle putting their own cultural stamp on fashion.”

Along with “The Polorican” rapper Thirstin Howl III, NYC rapper Rack-Lo is also credited with being one of the original co-founders of the group.

To find out more about the history of the Lo-Life Crew, their motivation for targeting Polo gear specifically, and what the gear ultimately represented, check out the video below.

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