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Trap Lore Ross on The Rapper Who Will Steal Your Mom - Yung Gravy
The Rapper Who Will Steal Your Mom - Yung Gravy


Trap Lore Ross on “The Rapper Who Will Steal Your Mom – Yung Gravy”

Last week, Trap Lore Ross released an in-depth look at Yung Gravy, “The Rapper Who Will Steal Your Mom.”

Yung Gravy is a recording artist and producer from Rochester, Minnesota who first gained recognition on SoundCloud back in 2017 with his songs “Mr. Clean” and “1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot.”

The 24-year-old talent has several collaborations with Canadian star bbno$ including this year’s 10-track project, Baby Gravy 2. He’s also worked with “LaLaLa” producer Y2K.

“The album has a pretty chaotic discography, which is to be expected. Overall, it doesn’t pack the same punch as their previous works, such as Gravy’s ‘Sensational’ or bbno$’s ‘recess.’ However, it still has some pretty playable songs that are perfect for your dad, mother and sister.”The Post

Gravy’s latest release is the single “yup!” which dropped on Sept. 1. The track just recently passed two million streams on Spotify.

Check out Trap Lore Ross’ video and the new single below.

Artwork for yup!

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