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Eternal Song: Introducing Houston MC & poet Travaughn

Eternal Song: Introducing Houston MC and poet Travaughn
Travaughn (Photo: Instagram)

Travaughn is a talented poet, emcee, and songwriter coming out of Houston. His team recently dropped off his single “Eternal Song,” which has been released to all major streaming platforms.

“‘Eternal Song’ is about finding peace and serenity within oneself.”

Travaughn, working with Sound Alive Records, has been doing music since he was 11 years old and have a true passion for the art. He has a loves the different styles and arrangements that he can create with his music and the many different people that he can affect.

Describing how his love of art has greatly influenced his music, “I make Music that is filled with lyricism and melodic rhythms, a collection of esoteric truths expressed to help benefit humanity.”

“Southern flow with a twist of West Coast.”

You can find “Eternal Song” on Travaughn’s project, Welcome to Infinity, available for streaming on Bandcamp and other outlets.

Eternal Song: Introducing Houston MC and poet Travaughn

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