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Tre Capital teams up Daxz for “Can’t Stop”

Yesterday LA recording artist Tre Capital and Toronto artist Daxz surprised us by dropping a collaboration they did together titled “Can’t Stop” (produced by Matthew Brown). Tre Capital has a particular fondness for Canadian artists, and he seems to have a real knack for choosing them. His list of artist and producer collaborators includes everyone from Sean Leon to Prezident Jeff, Eestbound and WondaGurl.

For those who aren’t familiar, Daxz came up as “the Toronto producer behind ‘Back To Back’ by Drake.” But he never actually set out to be a producer. He just picked it up and then his production career popped off.

Daxz was eventually able to get back to his original plan of pursuing solo artistry. He quietly started dropping his own rap tracks, and then dropped a ridiculously slept on project back in April titled BAIB. The project had no features, but did have (as to be expected) a long list of monstrous production credits including Bijan Amir, WondaGurl, Jordan Lewis, and more.

Then yesterday, Tre Capital and Daxz surprised us by dropping the Matthew Brown-produced “Can’t Stop,” a breezy little summer song saturated in melodic auto-tune bars to tide you through these last few days of warm weather. Check it out below.


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