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Trekar, signed to Canadian label MaineStone, drops the “Top Man” video

Trekar, signed to Canadian label MaineStone, drops the Top Man video

Hailing straight from Portmore, Jamaica is up-and-coming dancehall artist, Trekar.

The young talent recently released his latest music video for the raunchy and sexy single, “Top Man” which is available now on Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

Signed to Canadian-based record label MaineStone, Trekar is currently focused on expanding his fanbase back home, up north, and around the world. He certainly has the talent and drive to make it happen, and hopes to see “Top Man” push his stock up exponentially.

“You love Top Man DON’T… YEAH… make you lose control… YEAH… capture your soul… YEAH… I gave you one touch make you come back for more.”

The video, shot in Jamaica, depicts scenes of gritty adult interactions between explorative lovers through the means of hypnotization. The single delivers the message that sexual exploration is not limited to only those who color within the lines.

Trekar, signed to Canadian label MaineStone, drops the Top Man video

Trekar offered up some commentary about the release:

“The single ‘Top Man’ has been great since it been released over a few weeks now. It’s getting a lot of views on YouTube because both males and females can gravitate to it. The thugs love the talk ‘Top Man’ and the females love the whole concept of the song; they said it give them a vibe.”

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