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TwizzMatic releases new FLIP video in support of Quarter Warter project
TwizzMatic in the "FLIP" video


TwizzMatic releases new “FLIP” video in support of Quarter Warter project

Philadelphia born rapper, TwizzMatic, drops the laid-back visual for “FLIP,” the closing song on his 3-track Quarter Warter project.

Like the intro eludes to, there is a joy that comes from flipping something grim into something greater and this video uses reality and animation to symbolize both sides.


Scene from the “FLIP” video

TwizzMatic is a rapper, producer, and musician from South Philly. Taking after his father, he developed an ear for drums and organic sounds at a very young age. Fusing his influences from hip-hop, jazz, R&B, and soul, he found a sound that can hang wit the best of them while still maintaining some originality.

Quarter Warter was released independently on Feb. 18, and follows his 2018 single, “Only Child Syndrome.” Twizz is also the only guest feature (“Monolith“) on the new niina rosa album, Boundaries, which came out on May 17.


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