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Unknown Mizery continues weekly series with Not the Same Old G and Jai Ma Kali
Unknown Mizery (Photo: @ADayInTheSky)


Unknown Mizery continues weekly series with “Not the Same Old G” & “Jai Ma Kali”

Toronto artist Unknown Mizery continues his #MizoMondays series with the release of new music weekly for the remainder of 2020.

Yesterday, Mizo released the self-produced (credited as King Diamond Tut) record, “Not the Same Old G.”

“This song is about rewriting manhood and growing beyond the eyes of yesterday,” Mizo explained.

“We all feel stuck at times, this is usually because the comfort of what we know keeps us running on a hamster wheel in different clothes. Lets be the change by growing spiritually and rewriting systemic patriarchy and oppression.”

“Not the Same Old G” follows last week’s release, the Rex Seshunz-produced “Jai Ma Kali.”

“This song as a prayer to harness the collective powers of Ma Kali against the devils that run free with chaos in their hands. The war is spiritual. Music is the God hand.”

Check out both tracks below, or click here for more from our #MizoMondays coverage. You can purchase rare the Digital collectable NFT for “Not the Same Old G” or “Jai Ma Kali” here.

Artwork for Not the Same Old G by Unknown Mizery

You can follow @UnknownMizery on Instagram.

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