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Memory by Vesa
Memory by Vesa (Photo: SuperRare)


Unknown Mizery & Vandal drop new single which will only be available to the highest bidder

Unknown Mizery, who we recently featured in an in-depth interview, reached out to let us know about a new release from blockchain’s own Picaso, Vesa.

Memory (The End of Kali Yuga). The piece is an audiovisual collaboration with the artist VESA and DAO Records (Unknown Mizery, Vandal, Gamja Beats). It was inspired by ancient wisdom accumulated over the years by all involved as a hybrid, and become a reality due to the launch of the Ogar built Crypto Voxel pyramid.”

The art is accompanied by a rare Gamja Beats-produced single by Unknown Mizery and Vandal.

This single is only available to one person—the person who places the highest bid at SuperRare.

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