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Unknown Vlogs: Drake breaks down his outfit worth close to $1 million

Drake replies to allegations by his father that he lied to sell records

While on tour in London, UK, Drake and the OVO team caught up with YouTuber The Unknown Vlogs backstage at the O2 for a special OVO edition of his “How Much Is Your Outfit?” series.

The clip features various members of the OVO team-even Drake-showing off their gear and accessories including 40, Chubbs, Jonny Roxx and more. Here’s the breakdown of Drake’s outfit:

A custom Brioni jacket worth $11,000, a turtleneck and trousers (read: pants) from Tom Ford worth $3,000, Crocodile Tom Ford Shoes worth $15,000, a custom diamond chain worth $200,000, and a Richard Mille RM69 watch worth a whopping $750,000.

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