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Unknown Vlogs: Drake breaks down his outfit worth close to $1 million

Drake rocked an outfit worth almost $1 million

While on tour in London, UK, Drake and the OVO team caught up with YouTuber The Unknown Vlogs backstage at the O2 for a special OVO edition of his “How Much Is Your Outfit?” series.

The clip features various members of the OVO team-even Drake-showing off their gear and accessories including 40, Chubbs, Jonny Roxx and more. Here’s the breakdown of Drake’s outfit:

A custom Brioni jacket worth $11,000, a turtleneck and trousers (read: pants) from Tom Ford worth $3,000, Crocodile Tom Ford Shoes worth $15,000, a custom diamond chain worth $200,000, and a Richard Mille RM69 watch worth a whopping $750,000.

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