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Canadian Sneakerheads: Help rapper Vic Mensa make a difference in Chicago
Vic Mensa & his team hand out shoes at 'Anti-Bait Truck' event


Canadian Sneakerheads: Help rapper Vic Mensa make a difference in Chicago

Last year the story of a “bait truck” full of shoes that was left abandoned next to a basketball court by police in an attempt to lure Chicagoans into arrest went viral.

In response, rapper/activist Vic Mensa’s non-profit organization SaveMoneySaveLife teamed up with like-minded individuals and organizations to collect and gift over 10,000 pairs of shoes to the Englewood community at an event called The Anti-Bait Truck (for more info on that event, check out this article from Teen Vogue).

Now SaveMoneySaveLife has announced that Mensa is partnering with professional football linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski for another shoe drive this fall, with the goal of collecting and distributing twice as many shoes for under-served communities in Chicago. They have just launched the sneaker-collection phase, which is running from October 3rd to October 31st.

Canadian Sneakerheads: Help rapper Vic Mensa make a difference in Chicago

Vic Mensa & his team hand out shoes at ‘Anti-Bait Truck’ event

Contribute Online

Despite the campaign being targeted at people in Chicago, Canadians are welcome to contribute to help make a difference. They’re looking to collect 20,000 pairs of shoes and $25,000 (USD).

SaveMoneySaveLife has set up an Amazon Wishlist where folks can easily contribute online. Additionally there is a GoFundMe campaign underway raising funds to offset the behind-the-scenes costs that make such an impactful event possible, including facility storage, security, water, food, trucks and materials necessary to gift thousands of shoes throughout the city.

SaveMoneySaveLife will distribute the shoes between November 2019 and March 2020 at monthly “Giving Events.” The Giving Events will be in partnership with establishments that Nick and Vic have handpicked, including a combination of under-served schools and partner organizations that either provide housing, advocacy, and/or provide direct services to youth affected by homelessness and gun violence. More details to come soon.

About SaveMoneySaveLife

SaveMoneySaveLife aims to curate accessible events and programming which uplifts and contributes to pushing culture and creativity further. Our mission is to use art and entertainment to foster sustainable change and mental wellness. At its core, SMSL is a creative cohort – engaging community with cross-cultural, interdisciplinary programs and resources. Our project oriented work aims to facilitate experiences – integrating activism, traditional knowledge, and community service. For more information on our programs and services, please visit the website or follow at @SaveMoneySaveLife on Instagram.

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