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Blast Off: Whatevski dropped a new self-produced single featuring Touch & Mindbender

Blast Off: Whatevski dropped a new self-produced single featuring Touch and Mindbender

Hand’Solo Records has one more to go before 2018 concludes.

Evgeniy Whatevski recently dropped the second single off his new album, Cult Classics, which was released in November. “Blast Off” was self-produced with keys contributed by Wal Martian, and guest appearances by Touch (Edmonton) and Mindbender (Toronto).

Whatevski is more than a spiritual guide. He is the renowned sound guru that has dedicated his life to obtaining deeper understanding of the esoteric nature of sound and music and he is eager to share this knowledge with his followers.

“His new record, Cult Classics, was assembled deep within the caves of his secret compound where he and his sect spend their days meditating, listening to, and recording music in an attempt to link sound frequencies and audio vibrations with the human consciousness and our physical realities.”

As a special bonus, the “single version” has an additional section of cuts from the infamous DJ WeezL, and the free-to-download DJ Pack also contains chilled remixes from DJ Moves and Wal Martian, as well as all instrumentals and the acapella.

“Step out into an eerie world with veteran space age rappers Touch and Mindbender, their big, bold boasts and braggadocio delivered with a voice and tone that demands the listener join them on the journey.”

You can find the “Blast Off” DJ pack on Bandcamp now featuring the single and remixes. Stream it below and stay tuned for more from Whatevski.

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