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Who should we be covering in 2020?
Clockwise: Boslen, SuziWithAnUzi, Gorgy Swoah, Ysn Fab

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Who should HipHopCanada cover in 2020?

Please take a few seconds to tag some artists you’d like to see us cover in 2020. Someone who you think deserves the support.

The top five artists or groups mentioned will be featured in a post on our website sometime next week. Our main focus is Canadian talent, but feel free to tag acts from other countries as well. We cover artists from around the world.

Pictured are four artists we started covering in 2019: Vancouver-based Boslen, Toronto up-and-comer SuziWithAnUzi, Winnipeg’s Ysn Fab, and Ottawa’s own Gorgy Swoah.

Click here to leave your recommendations on our Instagram post.

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