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ATL rapper YN Billy releases the Red Rag video

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ATL rapper YN Billy releases the “Red Rag” video

YN Billy in the "Red Rag" video

ATL rapper YN Billy releases the “Red Rag” video

Atlanta recording artist YN Billy has shared a new video for his recent banger “Red Rag.”

The video, powered by A Zae Production, gives a glimpse into Billy’s world on the North Side of Atlanta and features a cameo from fellow ATL rapper, Lil Yachty. The release comes of the Digital Nas-produced “Red Rag” single, which was released a week prior.

“Red Rag” is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and various other digital streaming platforms.


Scene from “Red Rag” by YN Billy

YN Billy was born in Kingston, Jamaica and later raised in North Atlanta, Georgia (aka Gwinnett County). During adolescence, he was separated from his parents and was forced to move back to Kingston, where he resided for three years of his young teenage life. With his mom not being able to afford to keep him in school, he eventually relocated back to Georgia where he turned to the streets to find means to pay for the bills in his household.

In April 2017, he graduated high school with a fresh scouting of labels after the release of his ChukoFilms-directed buzz-catching visual “Bud,” which led to the attention of his music on a larger scale.

Peep the new video for “Red Rag” below.


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