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Drake, French Montana, Young Chop, 21 Savage and Meek Mill
Drake, French Montana, Young Chop, 21 Savage & Meek Mill

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Young Chop vs. the World: Beef with Drake, 21 Savage, Meek Mill & French Montana explained

Young Chop is well known as a producer, but some people may not realize he also’s a rapper sitting on a decent sized discography.

With quarantine keeping everyone indoors, Chop has taken to Instagram over the last few weeks to get into it with dozens of different artists and producers. It’s arguably one of most entertaining thing on IG next to Tory Lanez’s Quarantine Radio, but hopefully it doesn’t escalate any further. There’s already been shots—real shots—fired in Chop’s direction from all of this.

One reoccurring target of Chop’s wrath has been Meek Mill, who Chop claimed during a recent IG Live session was attempting to block his music from coming out. “Meek Mill stop hitting up my n***as though. [Lil] Durk and them, telling them to call EMPIRE to not drop my shit. Stop doing that gay ass shit.”

“Chop promoted the song on Instagram, proclaiming it a diss track and tagging the artists in question (except French, for some reason) in the caption.”HotNewHipHop

Now Meek is one of four main targets that Young Chop is talking to on his newly released CBMix-produced song, “You Know What We Do,” along with Drake, French Montana and 21 Savage. Although, you might struggle to find any super strong references to any of them other than 21 Savage. Savage is name dropped right when the beat drops. He also mentions Savage roughly a minute into the song.

But as HotNewHipHop pointed out, “Chop promoted the song on Instagram, proclaiming it a diss track and tagging the artists in question (except French, for some reason) in the caption.” Chop isn’t really one for sneak dissing either so essentially he’s saying the overall message is targeted at the artists he tagged.

And the reason French isn’t tagged is because French has Chop blocked. His name was included though:

You Know What We Do: Young Chop beef with Drake, 21 Savage, French Montana and Meek Mill explained

To say the least, by Chicago diss track standards, “You Know What We Do” is no “Computers (Remix)” by Wooksi in terms of its level of savagery—no pun intended—but that might not have been what he was going for with this one.

Here’s the new track along with a quick summary of the current situation between Young Chop and each of the artists mentioned.

21 Savage

Young Chop has been beefing with 21 Savage, and a few days ago the Chicago producer was arrested in Atlanta for reckless conduct after being caught lurking through Savage’s neighbourhood, looking for a confrontation. The situation could have ended much more tragically as it was reported by Chop himself that his uber was shot up while he was rolling around Savage’s block. He also took the opportunity, of course, to suggest they higher shooters with better aim. Chop was documenting his travels on IG Live, so it wouldn’t have been to hard for someone to try and figure out his location and get the drop on him.

21 Savage fired back on social media: “Cause you from Chicago you just the toughest n***a in America? We don’t give a fuck where you from, that shit don’t make you tough.”

On “You Know What We Do,” Chop says “slide through your block, I’m looking for them people,” which is presumably in reference to his ride around Atlanta looking for 21 Savage.

French Montana

The situation between Young Chop and French Montana ignited a few weeks ago after Chop clowned on French by referring to him as ‘scary.’

In this sense, scary means acting like a gangster but actually just putting on a front.

French responded by going on camera to encourage him to seek professional help. He also addressed Chop’s recent antics with a tweet on April 5:

“It’s sad to see this fake ass shit! Young shop need to be in a mental institution. Is only a matter of time till somebody take his life. Than all u going see is #rip… and a bunch of fake shit! If somebody care about that man go grab him and take him somewhere…”

Roughly a week ago, Chop posted a screenshot of French Montana’s inaccessible profile with the caption, “This bitch ass n***a really Block me.”

Meek Mill

Philly rapper Meek Mill is another rapper that Young Chop was taking shots at while on IG Live with another Philly rapper named Gillie Da Kid.

Chop claimed that he went to Meek’s studio with Lil Durk when Meek was in a session with 21 Savage. Chop stated he had a gun on him, and when the two artists saw it they become noticeably uncomfortable and 21 ended up leaving shortly after. “Whole time he was hiding behind Meek Mill, though,” Chop said of 21. “I ain’t even see him.”

“Meek Mill’s not a scary n***a, man,” Gillie said in response and later said they were “X’ing Meek out of the conversation,” after encouraging Chop to ease off throwing shade at everyone. “Stop with the dumb shit, man.”

The exchange made it’s way back to Meek and he took to social media to echo French Montana’s mental health concerns:

“It’s obvious chop having some mental issues… y’all be gassing stuff so much y’all just gone ignore it! I been getting beats from him for years hope he get well.”


After going at everyone from JAY-Z, Diddy, Young M.A and others, Drake has become Young Chop’s latest target.

On Thursday, April 9, Chop posted a picture of Drake with the caption (which included a bunch of laughing emojis): “I’m not done yet I’m not meek I will go song for song shit I wrote fr.” He goes on to call him a hoe.

He’s basically saying he’s ready to go track for track with Drake, and feels he’ll have more success than Meek did.

It remains to be seen if Drake will respond, but a full diss track is highly unlikely. We’ve been wrong before, so you never know. It’ll be surprising not to hear at least a bar or two reserved for Chop in a future Drake release.

You Know What We Do: Young Chop beef with Drake, 21 Savage, French Montana and Meek Mill explained

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