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Zaze Music drops Ep. 4 of Here We Flow Again series & McKee, Riyality & Young Stitch-assisted “Game On”

Zaze Music drops Ep. 4 of Here We Flow Again series
Zaze in Episode 4 of Here We Flow Again

Zaze Music is back with the latest episode of Here We Flow Again. Episode 4 or “Rappers Digest” features Zaze spitting fresh verse on camera, one take no edits. “Just one straight run through so you can see how the process starts to how it finishes.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Here We Flow Again, here’s a description of the series:

Here We Flow Again is an online “show” that Zaze has created to show fans and supporters the first step in the process of making a song have a life of it’s own.

Before the video, before the performing live, before the mixing and mastering, before the recording comes the first step in which nobody thinks about.

Zaze is taking you into his creative thinking space within 30 minutes to 48 hours after he has written a new song or verse and performs the verse or song live on camera for all to see, mistakes and all. This is the first step in learning what you have written in order to take it into the booth when ready and destroy it.

A prepared Artist never shows up to the Studio unless he is ready to perform his new song live.

Welcome to Step 1 after writing.

Two weeks ago, Zaze released visuals for his McKee, Riyality and Young Stitch-assisted single, “Game On” (produced by StayKool Productions). The True Aspect Media-powered video can be found below along with Episode 4 of Here We Flow Again.

You can follow @ZazeMusic on Instagram.

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